Products That Reynolds Has Worked On

Bruce M. Reynolds

Software design engineer / Software engineering consultant

C++/Win32 C#/VB/ASP.NET/SQL Server Java/Oracle/UNIX/Linux

Most products that Reynolds has worked on have shipped to customers. Many engineers spend significant portions of their careers working on products that never see the light of day, but Reynolds has almost always worked on successful products that have shipped. That's not just luck.

There aren't more links to products that Reynolds has worked on since those products are either no longer for sale or they have evolved into other products over the years.

Reynolds has helped to build the following:

  • Database tables and tools to store and use alignment and calibration data for the ATLAS project, a particle detector experiment currently being constructed at the Large Hadron Collider, a new particle accelerator at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. The detector generates and the database stores more than a million rows daily. 
  • Tools and procedures for a group of electrical engineers working to support thousands of programmable integrated circuit devices, such as EEPROMs and FPGAs. These CASE tools allowed a division to discard hundreds of file drawers stuffed with paper specs, and access key information instantly from a corporate database. Automated tools performed in secornds tasks which electrical engineers formerly spent days on.
  • A radar warning receiver for military aircraft. This shows the pilot of a military jet enemy weapons are that nearby. The company that built this (Dalmo Victor) was a division of Bell Aerospace, and no longer exists.
  • An 800-pound piece of automated test equipment for Fluke, using resistance and capacitance signatures to test (bare and loaded) circuit boards.
  • A multifunction calibrator for Fluke. Fluke's flagship product, it is used by standards labs to calibrate electronic equipment. A similar version of this product is still in production, 15 years later.
  • A software product to handle geographic information. The company was small and is no longer in business.
  • An ISO 9000 quality system, which took a company from CMM I to CMM III in a year. At the end of a year, the company received registration for both ISO 9000, and also for ISO 9001 TickIT, a quality management certification system specifically for software development.
  • An avionics Data Management Unit for Sundstrand Data Control. This ran in the cockpit of 747-400 airplanes for a couple of years. There is no information on the web available about this product, since 1) airline equipment changes from year to year, and 2) airline equipment in the cockpit is often customized for each airline. The company is now Honeywell Systems.
  • A multi-lead ECG patient monitor for Spacelabs Medical. The company is still in business, but this is no longer a product.
  • The windows version of CodeTESTfor Applied Microsystems. The company is no longer in business, but CodeTEST was sold to MetroWerks. CodeTEST is still selling after all these years.
  • An image review product for echo-cardiology ultrasound for ATL Ultrasound. This was the #1 priority project for two years at an $800 million dollar corporation. Management liked to tell us that the company was losing a million dollars each month that the product was not ready to ship. ATL Ultrasound has been since purchased by Philips Medical Systems. Now, you cannot even find the product described separately on the Philips Medical Systems website.
  • A COM Document Object Model for managing and using XBRL documents. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based language for the electronic communication of business and financial data. The company was small and is no longer in business.